International and Canadian Orders

International and Canadian Orders

International Order

International orders have certain requirements and restrictions as they relate to product safety, compliance, customs, shipping, and export restrictions. 

Please visit our contact us page for phone numbers and hours.

Canadian Order

You are welcome to place orders. However, we do not advertise our product in Canada or market our products to Canadian consumers.  Our focus is the U.S. market and compliance with applicable U.S. product safety standards.  You may need to determine the steps you may need to take to meet Canadian requirements.

  • Canadian consumers can see the total price in Canadian dollars, including all duties, taxes, & shipping and handling charges before the order is billed. Orders shipped to Canada will be processed and shipped via a third party for Canadian consumers.
  • Any item restricted to Canada will be identified prior to the checkout process.
  • Canadian orders must be shipped to the bill to address.
  • PayPal and PayPal Credit are unavailable to Canadian customers.  
  • At this time, we are not able to ship international orders outside of Canada that are placed on-line. This includes orders shipped to freight forwarders.